WELCOME to Rock Edge Bullmastiffs!!

We are located in southern Ontario, right off of Lake Erie in the small town of Leamington. We are not a large kennel.. just a couple of people who have fallen in LOVE with the Bullmastiff and would like to share this passion with others.

I'm a Veterinary Technician, whom on Sept. 17 2008, helped deliver 15 healthy puppies via c-section to one proud momma Bullmastiff. It was from that moment I knew that I would forever share my life with one of these gentle giants. Just 6 weeks later, making sure to visit every week, I welcomed home my "PRIDE".. Bowser.. a gorgeous red/fawn male puppy. Just about 12 months later I finally decided I needed to add another Bullmastiff to my family. After researching I finally found the perfect fawn brindle female. That fall I brought home my
"JOY".. Bristol.

Both of my Bullmastiffs are spoiled rotten and live in the house with my boyfriend and I, they are 100% part of the family.. and they know it!! I couldn't have it any other way.

..And so this is how the LOVE affair began..

My first and foremost joy in life is working my Bullmastiffs. That is, in fact, what they were originally bred to do. You havn't met a truely happy Bullmastiff until you've met one with a job. They want nothing more out of life than to be by your side as your companion and protector. The best thing you can do for your Bullmastiff is to fufill their needs.. physically, mentally, emotionally. They LOVE to work, they NEED to work.. it's in their genes. Not only is this to their benefit, but to yours as well. You will grow as a person and more importantly as a team. There's an undescribable connection between my Bullies and I and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Each and every day I work my dogs, and each and every week we are involved in specialty high-end training. It's important to me that my dogs maintain their temperment and stability.



*PLEASE take a look around and don't be shy*

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about me, my bullies, stud services, or future litters*