She's our stunning fawn brindle female. Bristol was born Oct. 13th 2009 to a litter of 11 puppies. Her mother is a beautiful brindle and her father a fawn. Her father comes from a long line of Multi European International Champions.

Bristol is a stocky female with good structure and an excellent topline. She has thick bone and a nice dark mask that helps bring out her beautiful eyes. She is full of personality, loves to play, and has lots of energy. Bristol is a proud girl and it's not hard to see by the way she "struts" when she walks.. always with her head held high and tail wagging. Extremely well socialized and never frightened, she's certainly confident. She's independent, clever, yet obedient and would never pass up the oppertunity to go for a long walk or to just lay by your side. Bristol's continuously involved in high-end training to ensure she gets the socialization and stimulation she needs to be a happy Bullie!!

Height: still growing
Weight: 85lbs and growing